Inglés para las oposiciones / English for the oposiciones exams

Do you need to pass an English test as part of your oposiciones? Improve your English and get the help you need with online 121 classes.

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Personalised classes from an experienced native speaking teacher. Identify and focus on your weakest areas. Speak with confidence and get real-time feedback.

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Fit English classes around your lifestyle. All you need to do is find a little free time, log on and start improving your English.

Personalised Classes

Don't waste time working on grammar you have studied a thousand times before. Together we will make a personalised plan to achieve your goals. All materials are provided

Error Correction

You will get invaluable feedback during your classes. This helps you to identify and fix your errors. You can ask questions and solve your problems with a friendly, patient teacher

About The Teacher:

Hi, I'm Ross. I have been teaching English online to Spanish speakers for about 8 years. I have a lot of experience with students who are taking the oposición exams.
I live in the UK, but speak some Spanish, so if you are nervous in the first class, I can make it easy for you.
I love teaching and learning about different cultures.
If you want to improve your English level, then online classes will really help you reach your goals!

What Are Online Classes Like?

All classes are personalised for you. We will focus on the four key areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Understand The Details

We will use interesting articles and resources to improve your reading comprehension. To get a great score in the exam, you need to understand the details of any article. We will practise and develop this skill.


Feel More Confident and Fluent

Speaking is the hardest skill for many people. Being able to practise your conversation skills and complete exam-style tasks will help you pass the exam. You will feel more confident and sound more fluent.


Learn to Hear Everything

Using different materials you will be exposed to all types of audio and accents. We will make sure that you are familiar with common idioms and can understand when native speakers talk.

I hate to speak English because I become nervous but with Ross it is easier. He is really friendly, and he is helping me to lose my shyness.

Content Creator

Manuel Ibáñez

Un profesor genial, no dudéis! *****
Ross helped me pass my Cambridge C1 exam and I really enjoyed my classes with him.

Project Analyst

Alex Cervelló

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